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Certain countries take pride in their educational institutions – but not all universities were created equal.

Obviously, the USA is well out in front, with 150 of the world’s top 500 universities resting within.

But, Maps on the Web also point out that the UK represent with 38, while China have 42 and Germany  have 37.

Now, although this doesn’t point out the Top 100 (where the UK cement their reputation somewhat), it does give an insight into how education is distributed around the world.

One of the main issues here, I reckon, is the lack of a per-capita reference or framing – not being too UK-bias, but number of top 500 institutions per person would likely be much higher here than anywhere else in the world, with the US a close second – and the rest of Europe coming close behind (along with Japan, Korea and Australia, who are catching up with some speed).

But, for now, it’s a very interesting map – and in ten years time, you’d have to think the picture will be different yet again.


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