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Remember the good old(ish) days; huddled around the TV with the family, watching the soaps and shenanigans.

Oh how things have changed – according to GAME, 8 in 10 of us are either browsing on our laptop or smartphone while watching TV – and half are regularly surfing the web and smartphoning, all while watching TV.

And social media isn’t an addiction, ‘ey?

I especially love the top ten ‘double screening’ shows – the ones we have to rant, natter or cry out about while watching.

X-factor and I’m a Celeb are no surprise at the top, followed by the soaps and, in at number 5, the imperial Great British Bake Off.

Oh that Mary Berry.


Found on: Pinterest (News by Design Group Board)

Designed by: Drench

Commissioned by: GAME

Researched by: OnePoll

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