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The world ‘selfie’ is a recent addition to our language but the concept is not really new. Back in the early noughties we used to call them ‘Myspace pictures’.

Like it or not, selfies are becoming an ever-increasing part of our culture and social live. Whether it’s endless news stories about celebrity selfies, selfies in inappropriate places or our own, we can’t escape them.

Even the safe internet infographic haven of News By Design can’t stay away from them. This snappy infographic, designed by our team at Drench, shows the results of a survey by into our obsession with selfies. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves, frankly! The average 16-25 year old woman spends over 5 hours a week taking selfies, taking 7 on average to find get the perfect shot.

5% have even taken a selfie on the loo. No society. Stop it. STEP AWAY FROM THE SELFIE STICK.

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Designed by: Drench

Commissioned by:

Researched by: OnePoll


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