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We’ve looked at the mysterious and innovative Bitcoin in the past, and just how that sneaky little currency functions (and where).

But there are more mysteries than that – one of the main ones being who actually created the system itself.

Emma Bowey, working with the lovely Neomam, produced this rather detailed infographic pointing some fingers at the potential candidates behind ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ (a pseudonym – be a bit of a poor guessing game otherwise)

Among the ‘3-coined candidates’ are:

Martti Malmi, who created the user interface and performed the first transaction;
A trio of UK computer scientists. who filed patents shortly after the domain name was released;
And Michael Clear, a Dublin-educated computer scientist suspected by the New Yorker.

A very interesting story, and actually a very good infographic considering the detail and speculation wrapped up in it.

Plus, who doesn’t like the ‘Guess Who?’ design (especially with the little clips behind the image included -that, right there, is detail).



Found on: Reddit (/r/infographics)

Designed by: Emma Bowey and Neo Mammalian

Commissioned by: Emma Bowey and Neo Mammalian

Researched by: Varied sources

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