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Family life is clearly nothing like it was back in my day (about ten years ago).

We fought tooth and nail for the lone computer. But now? 3 mobiles and 3 PCs/laptops for each modern family is a stark change.

So that means six devices spread across the average four person family- all used whilst rattling up over five hours of television.

The infographic, made by TV show Modern Family to promote their DVD release, also looks at modern family life- the average adult wakes up at 6.45am each morning, but only sneaks an extra hours worth of lie-in at the weekends.

They also spend an average of £82 a week on the food shop.

But, yes, lots of technology- in fact, of the five arguments the average family endure each day, two are over what’s on the box. I’d hazard a guess and say the other three are over the PC.


Found on: Mashable

Designed by: Drench

Commissioned by: Modern Family

Researched by: Onepoll

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