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43% have complete and unrestricted access to social media in work, with a quarter saying their company has no social media guidelines, clearly showing that trust and understanding are increasing when it comes to the power of social in the workplace.

Saying that, over half of those surveyed work within an organisation that have some manner of published guidelines- 7% are lucky enough to receive social media training, which is definitely a sign of the times.

The infographic, created by Silkroad, really intriguingly breaks down the thoughts on social media’s effect on productivity- half, in varying degrees, think it’s a positive influence, while half don’t know or believe it has a negative influence. A really close call, and obviously dependent on each individual’s career, but very interesting.

Companies are responding, on the whole- fewer than 30% of large organisations will block social media access by 2014, compared to the 50% that blocked access in 2010. That figure is continually dropping by 10% a year.

83% would still pick e-mail as the top method for communicating with colleagues though- how long until Skype starts to turn the tables?


Found on: Visualoop

Commissioned by: Silkroad

Researched by: Varied sources

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