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Only 10% felt comfortable with all the information they were forced to share during an interview- almost half feel questions asked during interviews have become ‘inappropriate’.

42% even admit they’ve done something they regret to get a job in the past- this may sound extreme, but as 2% have slept with the interviewer, this is no surprise.

All slightly odd statistics aside, the infographic by Find Employment revealed that 23% felt uncomfortable revealing private information during an interview, while 16% happily went along with it- the perils of a saturated job market.

12% have been asked about medical issues, while 11% were quizzed about their religious beliefs, both inappropriate questions for a job interview.

Also unsurprisingly, 15% have also been offered a terrible salary. Probably more realistic than the 1% who offered to sleep with the interviewer.


Found on: The Undercover Recruiter

Commissioned by: Find Employment

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