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If somebody asked you to imagine the world’s most expensive meal, what would your mind conjure up? Lobster stuffed with diamonds? Unicorn steak on a bed of truffles? Fabergé Eggs Benedict?

You need guess no more as you feast your eyes on 25 of the world’s most extravagant food orders in the infographic below. Each dish is priced in dollars and range from a relatively humble $100 to a whopping $35k.

Puddings occupy the top three spots in terms of expense, with an ice cream sundae in New York and a strawberry dish in New Orleans fetching $25 grand apiece. But if you’re not the type to go big on dessert there’s a cupcake in Las Vegas which you can pick up for a measly $750.

There are plenty of main meals on offer to put a dent in your savings too. Many of them consist of items that are usually dear individually, such as lobster, truffles and caviar.

London’s Playboy Club is the place to head to if you need something equally pricey to wash it all down; their Salvatore’s Legacy Cocktail will just about give you change from $10 grand.

The most expensive item on the menu is the aptly named $35,000 Chocolate Pudding, available from the Lake District’s Country House Hotel. It comes with champagne, caviar and, of course, a diamond.

If you decided to see what the fuss was about, you’d be the first – no one has ever ordered the sweet at the time of writing. The hotel also requires orders for the dish to be placed three weeks in advance, presumably to give you time to save for the maître d’s tip.


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